Saturday, 1 November 2014

It's a bit like Spring

It's hard to believe that it is already the 1st of November.  The weather here in the UK is absolutely gorgeous, and because of that I have decided to do a spring like flower card to celebrate.   It is really simple to do and yet looks so effective.

It is so simple to make, and have to admit saw it somewhere else, sorry can't remember where.

First stamp a series of flowers down the side of a sheet- choose colours that you like and stamp where ever you like - remember however this is going to do down the side or across the bottom of your card so try and make it easy on yourself as you are going to cut, yes sorry, cut around it.  I choose the Flower Shop set as I love these flowers.

Then roughly cut around the line of flowers, stamp a few more and cut these out with the matching Pansy punch and also cut about an inch of the card....simple isn't it.

Then layer the card as you desire- stick the long piece on first and then add the single flowers to add depth - as you see I only used two of the individual flowers and then added a sentiment and volia a nice summery card to celebrate the sun in November!

A few other designs......

Hope there is a little bit of sun shining wherever you are.
Happy stamping

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