Friday, 2 March 2018

Global Stamping Friends - Colour Challenge!

Welcome to the 19th Bloghop of Stampin' Up! lovers from around the world.  It is hard to believe that I asked some strangers at the time to join me and look where we are now!

This month's bloghop is a colour challenge.

Just gorgeous colours and I was excited as Lemon Lime Twist and Island Indigo as two of my all time favourite colours.  I also only used those 2 are I realised my colour caddy is missing Early Espresso - might need to rectify that one!

My project is inspired on one Tracy May, did some time ago. I happened to come across it by chance and fell in love with it. She used traditional pink but I decided to take some liberty with the flamingo - I'm sure if they ate blueberries rather than shrimps they'd be blue!

Here is my Island Indigo and Lemon Lime twist Flamingo!

I adore it!  In this version I just let the water bleed naturally whereas in the one below I used a tissue after the water was spritzed. Two different looks and I love them both.

The, how I did it, is right at the bottom, but I don't want to stop you from hopping around all the fantastic projects so feel free to leave me here and hop onto Jan's project and come back if you'd like more information.

Happy Crafting


1.       Jan Musselman 
2.       Karie Beglau 
3.       Libby Dyson
4.       Lisa Ann Bernard 
5.       Anastasia Radloff 
6.       Tricia Butts 
7.       Amanda Bates 
8.       Mary Ann Kay Rossiter
9.       Claudia Perry
15.   Marieke Bart 
18.   Sarah Mcdermott You are Here

How'd I do it?

I stamped first in Lemon Lime Twist and then on top with Island Indigo and pressed a little harder on one side of the stamp to let some of the Lemon Lime come through.  I also masked the bottom the legs so that the Lemon Lime was the only colour on those. To line them up of course I used our famous Stamp-a-ma-jig, a wonderful tool.

It took me a few goes to get to right and my top tips are;
Use watercolour paper, not shimmery white- the water just spread too much for me on the shimmery white
Use a little spritzed water first, the ink spreads further then you think
Use a tissue if you want to stop the water spreading and pooling in places
Finally, have fun with it!


  1. Absolutely beautiful use of these colours with the flamigo!!

  2. I love it, that flamingo looks like it needs to star in a rock video! I think I might need to pull this set out and play with it again...these colors are fabulous! Thanks for sharing :-D

  3. Love the bleeding ... great background for the flamingo...

  4. Very Cool treatment on the Flamingo. Well done.

    1. Thank you. It was fun and something I had never tried before, also love the blue/green flamingo idea.

  5. Now that's clever. I would never have thought of that. Well done you. Thanks for organising the hops Sarah

    1. Thanks you for the comments. I always like finding something a bit different to try out. Now to find other sets to try the idea with.

  6. Pretty card and great tips! Thanks!

  7. Junebugcreations9 March 2018 at 18:38

    Very neat!! I like it!!

  8. Inspiring! Thanks for sharing the tip on layering colours and then spraying worth water. Something I'll have to try