Friday, 6 November 2015

Curvy Keepsake Box - the cutest toadstool ever!

I am still on the Curvy Keepsake box them and whilst I was making Christmas themed boxes I thought that I'd give this one a go.

How cute is that?  I have to admit not my idea as I have seen it on Pinterest (I wonder what we did before that existed?)

Anyway it is so simple to make and actually lots of fun to see it come together.

I made the base by cutting a circle out. I don't have any special dies/punches for making circles (yet!) but I do have a really cheap tool that makes one - a bit like a compass with a blade.  To make the stalk I made a box with card 4.5" x 4".  On the long side I scored at 1,2,3 and 4" and on the short at 1" and 3".  I then cut off the small rectangle top and bottom, cut up to the score line on both the top and bottom glued it like a box and rather than one end closed, closed both ends.

It will make sense when you give it a go - or just contact me and I can do a template! I then glued the top to the box and the bottom to the circle - gave fantastic stability.

The flowers are made with the Petite Petal punch and the leaves from the Bird Builder punch. Not sure how well you can see it but the middle of the flowers have a tiny white dot - from the Owl Builder punch as are the dots on the toadstool. The butterfly is made with the Bity Butterfly punch.

For the grass around the stalk I took a green piece of cardstock and used scissors to make cuts.  Stampin' Up! does have fringe scissors which would be ideal - but these are on my wishlist and regular scissors did a good job!

It opens easily and I have filled mine with Hersey Kisses - love them and got almost half a bag in!

If you don't have all the tools to make the box would like to give it a go please get in touch as I am happy to send you all the bits and bobs to make your own for a very reasonable price!

Hope you like my little toadstool.

Happy Crafting


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