Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Electronic Age

Well, this Christmas Santa brought the 3 boys in the family an electronic toy each, An Amazon Fire.  They were very excited and now that I have figured that I can blog on it I too am very excited!

I am just thinking of all the wonderful projects that I can share with items from the new catalogue, and don't forget those Saleabration goodies!

Now I just need to figure how to add pics....

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Happy Crafting


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

End of Year Sale Update

Fantastic news more items have been added to the End of Year Sale; some wonderful bargains to be had.

But don't wait to order as things will sell out fast.

Any queries...just contact me. The easiest way to shop - just click on the link to Shop on my page!

Happy Crafting


Saturday, 19 December 2015

Crafting Workshop Today

Had lots of fun crafting today at The Little Shop of Crafts& Gifts.

There was a Christmas theme going on, but one of the ladies preferred to make some non-Christmas items and that was fine.  Think the butterfly looks really cute! 

Think that everyone enjoyed it - was lots of chatting and laughing and time just flew by. 

I am hoping to do more workshops next year so let me know if you are interested, a great way to spend a few hours crafting with others.

Happy Crafting


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Crafting Class


We all have those last minute things we need to finish, maybe a Christmas card, some tags or even some boxes/bags to make, and what about those sometimes neglected Thank you cards?

I am hosting a Christmas Crafting event on Sunday 19th Dec 1.30 -3.30pm at the Little Shop of Crafts & Gifts; Reading.

If you would like to come please contact me or the shop directly. Cost of £12 and includes all you need to make some exciting Christmas goodies and even better they can be adapted for other occasions if you prefer.

Happy Crafting


Little Shop of Crafts & Gifts

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Lego card, great for kids as well as Lego addicts.

My son needed a card for a party, but of course being him, he told me the morning of the day it was needed.  Now I do have lots of stamps that are great for kids but lots of them are for the younger ones.

So I decided to have a go at a Lego card.  Simple I thought, and in fact for once, I was right. 

All you needed was a few dots (in Lego language these are actually called studs) and rectangles of different colours.

Some sponging around the studs and rectangles with the studs adhered with dimensionals.

I then added these to a card base with a mat; as the top picture shows I went a bit off the mat to add some dimension. I also realised after the photo that the mat wasn't stuck down very well and I did rectify that before the card was gifted.

The only hard bit was figuring out the size of the rectangle needed for the number of studs. After a bit of internet browsing I did find a table and used that. It is from Operation Write Home.

Here are the dimensions needed for a 1/2" circle punch; obviously the bigger the circle the bigger the card piece that will need to be.

 There are so many combinations and with a simple sentiment added a really simple card to make.

Happy Crafting


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Making a box is simple, really!

I always thought that making pretty boxes was out of my league, but when I started papercrafting, with the help of the internet of course, I learnt that making boxes is actually really simple. 

I've tried to write the instructions below, but as you know that is not my forte, but hopefully it makes some sense.

This is the final product. pretty I think and great to small Christmas gifts.

I used a belly band and a decoration from the left over paper.

The box size I wanted was 8" x "2 x 1" 

Here is how I worked out the size paper I need; started with the base (8x2) added 1" sides on the top of this and bottom, then I knew I needed a top of 8 x 2 so added that as well and then added the lip of a further inch.  I then wanted my box to have sides, and knew it would be 1" to match the other sides, so added 1" to each side.....hope this makes some sense, if not just let me know!

So the final piece of paper had to be from the bottom 1+2+1+2+1= 7" and from the side 1+8+1 =10

Paper size therefore 7" x 10"

By working out the box size in its components, it makes it really easy to figure where to score!

Short side (8") score at 1", 3", 4", 6" 
How did I get that you might wonder?
Well, from the top to bottom we know the side is 1" (so first score) base is 2" above that so score at 3" (1 +2) and then another side so +1" = score at 4"; then another 2" for the top of box, making it
4+2 = score at 6" and the left over 1" makes the lip of the lid.

Hope this makes some sense and you can work our how I used my working on where to score. 

Long side (10"), score at 1" and 9"

Where to cut?

The orange triangles you show you where to but - along each of the sides to the first score mark on the long side; ie 1" cuts.  I have shown the to be triangles as it makes it much easier to get a nicer finish and you don't have as much paper to make the box bulky.

 With the cuts all made

Where to glue?

You want to make sure that the outside of the box is lying against your desk and then add glue to each of the tabs- do make sure you fold the tabs in, otherwise you'll be gluing them on the outside of the box and that wouldn't look too good.

How to make the box up.

I tried to colour coordinate where to affix the tabs too, but got a bit muddles on the bottom left (looking at the picture) - those marks should have been on the side panel NOT the box.

Anyway hope it makes some sense, you need to attach two tabs to the bottom sides and 1 to the top to make the lid.

I really really hope this makes some sense and apologise for the photo quality, seems that our main camera isn't working and the one I used obviously isn't up to the job!

Making a box, will hopefully now be easier and if you know how to work out the components of the box, you should be able to make boxes of varying sizes - but if you do get stuck please get in touch and I can hopefully sort it out for you!