Sunday, 26 April 2015

Perpetual Birthday Calender

Sometimes a stamp set comes along that is very addictive, for me this is that stamp set.  In fact think I need to put it away for a while to give other ago!

Here is a small selection of the cards I have created, and it could go on and on and on.  And, I haven't even used the month stamps in the set! A couple of the stamps aren't from the set but you will figure it out when you look at the set.

At the moment this is only available until 2nd June so if you would like a set you need to grab it quick.

Happy Crafting


Main Ingredient

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Retired List now live

Evening All

Well what a day it has been, the retired list came out and it seems that the website went down.  A number of the items originally on it are no longer available, they seemed to just disappear.  Good news there is still lots to chose from at a discounted price.

Click the link to go directly to my online shop, any problems let me know, not my shop (you can see in right hand corner) also let me know or go to the link on my home page and choose Shop.  Cookies can do weird things to links.

I hope you find what you want and if you can't please let me know

Happy Crafting


Monday, 20 April 2015

Retired list out soon....

Not long now. 

The retired list, what leaving, the 2014/15 catalogue is due out tomorrow.  Check back here to see what's on it, and also what fantastic deals you can get...some items are likely to be up to 50% off!!! BUT they do sell FAST.  So if you want something pop over to my shop and buy it when you see it.

See you soon


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Great British Sewing Bee Inspiration

I loved this dress that Lorna completed for the Avant-Garde section of the final. I know that the judges had some comments about the tulle - but I loved it and loved the colour combination.

I used colour combinations as the inspiration for these cards - what do you think?

It was also an excuse to use some of the new products that I had recently had delivered.  The Boho Blossom Punch, gives you three flowers all in one go and the ribbon is stampable!  Something that you don't find too often.

What are you favourite colour combinations - would love it if you shared them on my Facebook Page

Happy creating


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Simple, with an origami twist

I found the origami fold for this card on Dawn Olchefske's site - she has some wonderful stuff. Took me a while to realise what her HSDT acronomyn means, but it stands for How'd She DO That and there are some great videos available also.

I love the simplicity of this card, with a twist of the centre piece on the front.

The centre piece is easy to make; 

Card Stock - 4 " x 4"
Fold in half horizontally
Fold in half the other way
Fold each corner into the centre point
On each of those triangles fold it back to the edge of the paper


Any problems let me know.

Happy Crafting


Friday, 10 April 2015

Hexagonal Box

A beautiful hexagonal box and lid - isn't this stylish!

I found the idea on Crafty Hallett, but changed the dimensions of the lid as the original one had quite a large lid, and I preferred one that didn't cover the box so much.

It was simpler to make than I thought; you just need to remember where to put the tape or glue!

Dimensions I used:
LID:  11" x 3 3/4"
Score long; 1 3/4, 3 1/2, 5 1/4, 7, 8 3/4, 10 1/2
Score short: 3/4, 1 3/4
BASE:  7" x 10 1/4"
Score long:  1 5/8, 3 1/4, 4 7/8, 6 1/2, 8 1/8, 9 3/4
Score short:  1 3/4, 5 1/2
Cut off the bottom and top small rectangles to make a tab

Taping- now the fun begins
Tape the tab
Cut the pieces at the bottom (2" deep ones) up to the first score line - put tape on 2nd, 4th and 6th one
Then turn it over and tape the whole of the top
Burnish all the folds well - helps give it a neat finish.
Then make up the box :
Pull the long sticky strip off and stick down
This is the inside of the box and won't be seen
Then fold the box around and stick the tab to the far side on the inside - it will make sense!
I found the bottom fun to put together.
 You will see that each taped tab has a non taped partner - just get the partners together.
And voilĂ  - the box is made and for the lid - exactly the same directions but different dimensions!
You can now decorate to your hearts content.
MY TOP TIP:  I used sticky tape to start with to get the where it needs to go sorted  but on the lid I found it much easier to work with Tombow; thought it gave me more control when putting it together as there is a bit of wiggle room before it sets.
Happy box making

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Is a wedding on the way?

As the wedding season is approaching, thought I'd try to make one, as not something I have really done before.

I just love this design and altered it for a wedding.  I found this card fold on Dawn's Griffith's site - isn't it just beautiful?

It is really simple to make, and I am sure it can be adapted to any occasion.

Dimensions Used -all in inches

Main Card - cardstock 11" x 4 1/2" - score on long at 5 1/2 and 2 3/4 and folded into z-shape
Inside Large pieceWhite 4 1/8 x 5 3/8  DSP 4 x 5 1/4
Inside and outside panelsWhite 2 5/8 x 4 1/8  DSP 2 1/2 x 4  (remember need 2 of each)
Small Card:  Cardstock: 3 3/4 x 7 1/2 scored at 3 3/4 :  White 3 5/8 x 3 5/8 (you will need 3 white)
Front Flap - I Used Cardstock; 1 5/8 x ? and DSP 1 1/2 x ?  Yes there is a ? because you can make it as short or as long as you desire!  I used 3" as the length as I used the 1 3/4" scallop punch, and it seemed to fit well. The punch you use, may affect how long you have your front flap.

As for the DSP (designer series paper) I just love the Something Borrowed paper from the Spring/Summer catalogue and think that the Sahara Sand Lace Trim, also from the Spring/Summer catalogue, adds that little bit extra.

The stamp sets used are Everything Eleanor for the flourish, Petite Pairs for the sentiment and the glasses come from the Happy Hour set, a set that covers from Christmas to Cheers!
I hope that you like this design and there is a video on Dawn's site to help with the making of it.
Happy Crafting and for everyone getting married this wedding season - congratulations!
Search my shop from the front screen if any of these products interest you! Or email me directly.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Self Closing Box

I was introduced to this really cute little box at a recent training day. 

This was the I swop received from Sara Thornton-Bryar and I fell in love with it.

 Well me being me, I needed to figure out how it was made.  Sometimes, I take projects apart to figure them out but this was just too cute to do that to. So out came the ruler and few pieces of scrap paper and I think I figured it out - or at least I have made one that works for me. 

Here are the dimensions I used;

I found it easier to mark a small pencil mark at 2 1/5 cm and 5cm and use the scoring tool and a ruler to make the score lines. Also I only very gently burnished the score lines - I sometimes find paper can split if you are too forceful.

Thought a few photos might help with your creating
Remember to glue the right side of the paper and then close onto it

The bottom might need a bit of trimming so as to not hang over the edges

It self closes so needs nothing else other than the tension that comes from the box - very clever!

They are so quick and easy to make, and also fit an Easter egg beautifully. Final size is about 5cm wide by 6 1/2 cm high - I made a selection to give to my toddler playgroup leaders and they loved them.

Let me know if the brief instructions make sense and I would love to see any creations you make.

Happy Crafting


Friday, 3 April 2015

Baskets with Envelope Punch Board

If you ever thought that the Envelope Punch Board (EPB) was just for making bespoke envelopes you'd be wrong.  It is a fantastic tool that can make so much more...check out these cute baskets. Have to say thanks to Elaine Erksine for introducing me to these.

Large Basket

Large Basket - final basket measure approx. 6 1/2 " x 2 " x 2 "

Small Basket - final basket measures approx 2 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"

Super quick and easier to make than you think.  A few people have asked for the instructions, now while it's not my strong point...I'll give it a go!

Take a piece of cardstock; 4" x 4"for the small basket OR 8" x 8" for the big basket

Using the Envelope Punch board, punch at 1 1/4" for the small basket OR at 2" for the big basket; Make sure that you punch and then score down the score mark on the EPB.  Follow the instructions on the EPB and punch each side, till all 4 are done.

I then flip the paper over and then punch on again at 1 1/4 " for the small basket and 2" for the big basket...then follow though on each side... the final sheet should look like this.

Cut down two opposite parts as shown above and below....remember to burnish your score lines.

Glue the tab like bits on the ends that have NOT been cut

Stick these down

Now comes the fun bit...I find it best to put glue on the tab and then fold in the edges and put the tab over need to fold the edges in enough to make the long side of the box - you can have it as wide as you like or as thin as you  like - just play around till you are happy. Also is you use Tombow rather than sticky strip you have a bit of time to adjust.

Hopefully, you can see on the left of the picture how the sides have been folded up and under the tab

Remember to add a works a lot better if you use something, a bone folder works wonders, to help curve the handle. This stops it being inflexible and causing creases.
Just realised missed handle measurements - for the large I used 8 1/4 " x 3/4" and this doesn't go all the way in the basket. For the small I used 5" x 3/4" and this went all the way down - give it a go and see what suits you.
Final step, attach handle inside the box and decorate as desired.

I used this basket at a recent training event as my swop and a couple of toffees fitted wonderfully.

I hope that this makes some sense and you can follow the notes...if not please let me know as I am finding my feet in explaining projects in text, I find visual demonstrations so much easier.

Happy basket making.


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter Extravaganza - Beautiful holder for bunny

My kids love giving teachers gifts for any occasion, and Easter is no exception.  However with lots of teachers and teaching assistants the cost can add up, so the answer for me is all in the presentation.  Don't you think that this gifts look more expensive than 79p because of the presentation!  I do and so did the kids.

 It is really easy to make and used 1 piece of A4 paper cut in half vertically.  I then cut that to measure 22cm with a score at 4cm (longside)

To make the closure it is the Scalloped Tag Top punch - and you don't have to just use on paper that fits in the slots (which is only 2") you can use any width of paper.  You will just need to make sure you push the paper you are using all the way in, with the same amount on each side for a centre tag, and then punch as I have done here.

Then just cut the bits at the side off and you have the piece for your closing.


I then used a framelit to cut the square shape out the one piece of the paper; stuck the two pieces together by overlapping the 4cm pieces with some Tombow,, decorated the box, added the bunny and there you have it!

 Oh forgot to mention to make the frame piece you just use two different sized framelits, one of them is the framelit you used the cut the hole, the other a bigger one to give you the width of frame you desire.

Hope this makes some sense, next time I promise more pictures to add to the instructions!

Check in tomorrow to see how to make this cuts little basket.....

Happy Crafting