Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Lego card, great for kids as well as Lego addicts.

My son needed a card for a party, but of course being him, he told me the morning of the day it was needed.  Now I do have lots of stamps that are great for kids but lots of them are for the younger ones.

So I decided to have a go at a Lego card.  Simple I thought, and in fact for once, I was right. 

All you needed was a few dots (in Lego language these are actually called studs) and rectangles of different colours.

Some sponging around the studs and rectangles with the studs adhered with dimensionals.

I then added these to a card base with a mat; as the top picture shows I went a bit off the mat to add some dimension. I also realised after the photo that the mat wasn't stuck down very well and I did rectify that before the card was gifted.

The only hard bit was figuring out the size of the rectangle needed for the number of studs. After a bit of internet browsing I did find a table and used that. It is from Operation Write Home.

Here are the dimensions needed for a 1/2" circle punch; obviously the bigger the circle the bigger the card piece that will need to be.

 There are so many combinations and with a simple sentiment added a really simple card to make.

Happy Crafting


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