Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Instructions for Butterfly Card

As you will be aware, instructions are not my strong point, but I promised the Freebie Friday winners that I'd share how the card was made, so here they are! 

The Butterfly Card

You will need extra glue; wet glue preferable


Step 1


Attach the card mat to the card base - I'd advise use a wet glue as this gives you some wiggle room to move it around till its straight. If you don't have any, double sided tape/tape runner will do

Step 2


Attach the insert to the card; again using wet glue

Step 3

Attaching the ribbon - double sided tape already attached

Start to pull off white top of the tape and attach the ribbon, keeping pulling the white off as you zigzag the ribbon;  alternatively you can pull off white part of tape and attach all at once


Attach this piece to the card front -you might want to add some wet glue to ensure it stays in place

Step 4

Make up the butterfly

Put wet glue on the larger butterfly

 Put the smaller butterfly on the larger one and then put wet glue on the base of the smaller one


Step 5

Attach the completed butterfly to the card front and your card is completed


Hope you enjoyed making the card up and congratulations on winning a Freebie Friday prize!  I'd love to see the finished cards so please pop a picture on my Facebook Page

Happy Crafting


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