Friday, 3 April 2015

Baskets with Envelope Punch Board

If you ever thought that the Envelope Punch Board (EPB) was just for making bespoke envelopes you'd be wrong.  It is a fantastic tool that can make so much more...check out these cute baskets. Have to say thanks to Elaine Erksine for introducing me to these.

Large Basket

Large Basket - final basket measure approx. 6 1/2 " x 2 " x 2 "

Small Basket - final basket measures approx 2 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"

Super quick and easier to make than you think.  A few people have asked for the instructions, now while it's not my strong point...I'll give it a go!

Take a piece of cardstock; 4" x 4"for the small basket OR 8" x 8" for the big basket

Using the Envelope Punch board, punch at 1 1/4" for the small basket OR at 2" for the big basket; Make sure that you punch and then score down the score mark on the EPB.  Follow the instructions on the EPB and punch each side, till all 4 are done.

I then flip the paper over and then punch on again at 1 1/4 " for the small basket and 2" for the big basket...then follow though on each side... the final sheet should look like this.

Cut down two opposite parts as shown above and below....remember to burnish your score lines.

Glue the tab like bits on the ends that have NOT been cut

Stick these down

Now comes the fun bit...I find it best to put glue on the tab and then fold in the edges and put the tab over need to fold the edges in enough to make the long side of the box - you can have it as wide as you like or as thin as you  like - just play around till you are happy. Also is you use Tombow rather than sticky strip you have a bit of time to adjust.

Hopefully, you can see on the left of the picture how the sides have been folded up and under the tab

Remember to add a works a lot better if you use something, a bone folder works wonders, to help curve the handle. This stops it being inflexible and causing creases.
Just realised missed handle measurements - for the large I used 8 1/4 " x 3/4" and this doesn't go all the way in the basket. For the small I used 5" x 3/4" and this went all the way down - give it a go and see what suits you.
Final step, attach handle inside the box and decorate as desired.

I used this basket at a recent training event as my swop and a couple of toffees fitted wonderfully.

I hope that this makes some sense and you can follow the notes...if not please let me know as I am finding my feet in explaining projects in text, I find visual demonstrations so much easier.

Happy basket making.


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