Saturday, 4 April 2015

Self Closing Box

I was introduced to this really cute little box at a recent training day. 

This was the I swop received from Sara Thornton-Bryar and I fell in love with it.

 Well me being me, I needed to figure out how it was made.  Sometimes, I take projects apart to figure them out but this was just too cute to do that to. So out came the ruler and few pieces of scrap paper and I think I figured it out - or at least I have made one that works for me. 

Here are the dimensions I used;

I found it easier to mark a small pencil mark at 2 1/5 cm and 5cm and use the scoring tool and a ruler to make the score lines. Also I only very gently burnished the score lines - I sometimes find paper can split if you are too forceful.

Thought a few photos might help with your creating
Remember to glue the right side of the paper and then close onto it

The bottom might need a bit of trimming so as to not hang over the edges

It self closes so needs nothing else other than the tension that comes from the box - very clever!

They are so quick and easy to make, and also fit an Easter egg beautifully. Final size is about 5cm wide by 6 1/2 cm high - I made a selection to give to my toddler playgroup leaders and they loved them.

Let me know if the brief instructions make sense and I would love to see any creations you make.

Happy Crafting


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