Thursday, 17 September 2015

A new addition to the family - The Fine Tip Glue pen

Stampin' Up! have a fantastic range of adhesives; from wet glue through to fast fuse.  My favourite has to be Tombow or the green lidded glue.  This is one of Stampin' Up!s wet glues and it is amazing.  Gives you enough time to wiggle objects or pages about is you need to, but one stuck they are stuck!

I often buy cheaper glues, mainly because I often run out of Stampin' Up ones!  However everytime I do it, I am disappointed. They seem to work fine at first, but after a few days I realise that my cards look a bit different, and then I realise something has dropped off or moved!

Well, in the new Autumn/Winter catalogue Stampin' Up! have added a new addition to the family- the fine tip glue pen!

Here's a little video from Stampin' Up! to show you how it works.

Isn't that amazing. It works wonderfully on those smaller items and with the needle in the lid it doesn't close up!

What adhesives do you like to use? 

To purchase any of the Stampin' Up! adhesives just follow the links to my shop and you will even see a section just for adhesives - it is that easy.

Any queries just get in touch!


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