Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Designer Tin of Cards - Class

Had a great class last week!  It was so much fun as I met up with another demonstrator and we both had customers come; crafting with others is extra fun in my mind.

Charley, the other demo, has a fantastic crafting space and to say that I was a little bit envious would probably be an understatement!  A big shout out to her for letting us hold the class at her house and welcoming us into her home.  The link to her blog is here, so don't forget to check it out!

This is the Designer Tin of cards set, and it really is amazing. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the evening as my phone went flat, and luckily I was able to be directed home by a class member, as I suspect I would have been a little bit lost otherwise; big thanks to Caroline!

Everyone managed to get their tin started but with lots of chatting going on there was a bit left over to do, so I have lent the stamp set out to someone to finish it and will go a meet with the others at a later date to finish theirs and mine off - yeah more crafting!

I have to say it is a great set, and the tin is beautiful. The cards aren't our normal sized A6 cards but YES our cards do fit in the tin, so a great place to store all your carefully crafted cards.  I made sure that everyone attending received a handmade card by myself just to prove the fact.

If you are interested in having a group of friends over and completing this tin, just get in touch- you arrange the friends, I'll bring your tins and all the necessary supplies - Cost of £24.50; a bargain as that is the cost of the tin!  so you get the class for free!

Happy crafting


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